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    I just downloaded the program JoikuSpot for an App on my Nokia X6. It's a tethering app that lets me browse the net from my laptop attached to my phone. I'm still under the unlimited data plan with ATT for my contract. I had my contract prior to them limiting data use and all that. If I'm tethering with my work computer would I be caught? Would they be able to find out what I'm doing? I got the phone unlocked after I lost the one they thought I had, ATT doesnt even know I'm using the X6 I dont believe. Let me know if I should be concerned. I tried tethering for a day to see if it'd pop up on my mid month bill update and I dont see anything, but before I go crazy and use it all month I want to know my plan wont be canceled or end up with a huge bill over using it for that. Thanks.

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    Re: I need help with my Nokia X6 about tethering

    i think u can go to the Nokia official website, maybe the expert can give u the answer and help u to resolve it.

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