Hello. I've searched for an answer to this question but not yet found one. Hopefully, someone can suggest the right s/w.

Is there a way to retrieve deleted text messages from a Nokia 1661 Tracfone?

An ex-boyfriend has left a few nasty text messages over the past 4-6 weeks. Without giving it much thought, the text messages were immediately deleted.

However, the ex is apparently not taking the break-up well. As a result, I've been told that it would be a good idea to save all correspondence from this person, in case it is needed later as proof of possible malicious intent. I would like to get those text messages back.

Nokia's tech support said to look for some third-party software that could perhaps retrieve the deleted messages. However, they did not have any names to suggest.

If anyone has any recommendations regarding retrieving these messages, I would greatly appreciate it.

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