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    The Nokia N8 have been shutting off due to some power problems. The Executive Vice President of Nokia's Markets units, Niklas Savander, is aware of the issue and has acknowledged the problem of the Nokia N8 smartphone's power problems.

    Not all Nokia N8 handsets are facing this problem. Nokia did not say just how many of the Nokia N8's had the power problem, but it's been reported that only a very limited number of users have actually reported the problem.

    Production is said to be the reason for the power problem, which comes from Rueters in which was told to them by a Nokia spokesperson. Nokia said that they will replace any Nokia N8 handset that faces this problem.

    Via: Some Nokia N8 handsets have power issues Unwired View

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    Re: Nokia N8 faces power problems

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    Has not been 30 days I bought my Nokia N8 and I'm sure THAT WAS THE WORST PURCHASE MADE IN ALL MY LIFE! R $ 1,499.00 thrown in the trash! It took twice the service and the problem is not solved. Nokia employees report that they care only consult the devices, which are outsourced and have nothing to do with money or return of the moth of the device. Nokia announced that it is the assistance is to decide about it. The fact is that there are 29 days paid $ 1,500.00 to add to my problems. Does anyone know how Faso to have my money back or replace the device? I'm thinking that this fight will end in the process ...

    Do not buy the N8! DO NOT BUY HEADACHE!

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    Re: Nokia N8 faces power problems

    there are instances that you can have the unit back to the store. And since the company is aware of the issue.. they are, im sure willing to replace the unit..go to the store and see what they will say.. there's no harm in trying!

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