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    New here and pretty much to mobiles...

    I bought a Nokia c3-00 and have attempted to sync it with my 2007 outlook contacts with no joy.

    Created CSV files as suggested but will not import....file error.

    Other forums have reams of answers and attempted work rounds as the CSV files do not seem to match what Nokia requires....

    Is there a quick solution please (as going on holiday) or do I take the phone back and get one that copies outlook contacts with ease....if so...which phone please?

    Many thanks and hope you can help


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    Re: Nokia c3-00 and Outlook Contacts

    To best of my knowledge for your nokia c3 , OVI suite (which should not be confused with the web OVI) could only transfer contacts from MS-outlook to the phone with the USB cable. OVI suite (nor OVI web) cannot import directly any contact file(s).When the transfer has been performed then you can try to synchronize the phone with OVI suite and then edit your contacts.

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