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    Nokia E51
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    Yep . hello guys , just got here.

    Do you have any sort of idea what do i do with a broken display. got an nokia E51

    Can i at least try to pick it to get one part working which is like seriously messed up , this is a big crack as it made the whole display totally usless , there's only the top half of cm and a little to the center is still on , just enough to recognize events but ... not pretty much accurate , since it's all red and blue lines totally and completely broken.

    The phone still works , thought , the damage to the exterior which was repaired a few months ago , is unspeakable.

    Now i know why my father always rants at the dog , this animal chews , eats , steals everything ,take him for a HUGE walk and i run with the dog almost every day and it's still hyperactive.

    Can i use a smiliar LCD like from a N80 , or some other phone , since im not going to pay for repairs AGAIN.

    I know of very good shop that does it , but they're professional and they renew the phone like it's totally new , ... and that costs.

    I honesty think that replacy display is not so hard , i had it apart once , before i didn't knew what i was doing , i actually ruined it because i was cleaning it.

    I would need some proper disassembly procedure , i don't want to break the top housing again , because it's GLUED BY DEFAULT. (miracleously the top housing is fine , bu the whole side and part of the screen is ripped apart and so the camera casing behind.

    And that's the dog who made it , (type at least) , yes very close to this age.

    That guy could at least saw enough to navigate , but im completely blind.

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