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    Hey guys!
    I am new to this forum.I wanna buy a touch-screen phone under 12k recntly. Among all the brands I prefer Nokia and SAMSUNG.
    My last phone has a very annoying and short standby time , so this time long standby time should be a must!
    Suggestions plz! Thank u!

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    Re: Nokia or SAMSUNG

    Nokia by far!

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    Re: Nokia or SAMSUNG

    I think, Nokia will be good.. I am using Nokia touch-screen (Nokia N8) from 5 months and it is working well and without any disordering..
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    Re: Nokia or SAMSUNG

    La mejor opción es Nokia, es mejor que Samsung aunque claro esta ultima marca también tiene con que defenderse, pero la mejor es Nokia.

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    Re: Nokia or SAMSUNG

    I have both Nokia and Samsung Phones and based on my experience with both phones, I like samsung the most. I had a problem with my Nokia N8 when suddenly it wont turn on and later found out that it was the common problem for N8 series especially when downloading apps. But I guess it will be a case to case basis. The right question is what do you really need? Do you want a QWERTY? or touchscreen? Do you want small or bigger phones? Do you need more apps or simple phone?

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    Re: Nokia or SAMSUNG

    I am preferring samsung because their mobiles are cheaper than Nokia and gives nice quality also.

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    Re: Nokia or SAMSUNG

    there have been rumors about the N8 having issues but I personally haven't experienced any and then I had to sell it to buy the iPhone 4 from timtechs. Due to Nokia going Windows7 it's best to go with Samsung first until we see how the new Nokia model will perform.

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    Re: Nokia or SAMSUNG

    i prefer nokia, it is the best in my opinion

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    Re: Nokia or SAMSUNG

    You can buy Nokia N8
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