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    It may have become a shock to many when Nokia decided to change it's primary platform to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 as its main software platform. While it's not been reported why Nokia had decided on this change, it has been rumored that Nokia was offered more that $1 billion from Microsoft to develop and help promote the Windows Phone 7.

    There are two reasons that has been reported why Nokia changed to Microsoft's Windows Phone 7, one in which according to an anonymous source and Bloomberg, was that Microsoft felt as if Nokia had made Android it's primary choice. The other reason is that Nokia felt that there were already many Android vendors and choosing Microsoft OS would allow Nokia's phones to become more noticed.

    Not only did Nokia choose Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 but the money that was paid to Nokia, will be paid back by Nokia for every copy of Windows Phone used on the devices.

    Since Microsoft and Nokia announced their involvement with Windows Phone 7, both have seen drops in their shares.


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