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    Nokia N73 Black
    hey guys i have recently bought this phone (nokia n73) but everytime i try to install some of the programs it says phone memory full.
    So i am stuck with it!
    How do you solve such problem?

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    Re: deleting memory on Nokia n73

    попробуйте перепрошить телефон, это можно сделать самостоятельно или обратиться в ремонтную мастерскую.

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    Re: deleting memory on Nokia n73

    Turn off your phone. Take out your battery. Leave it out for 5-10min. Then put it back in and turn on your phone.
    Next try restoring factory settings. You will not lose data. The code is *#7780# at the stand-by screen. Enter lock code. Default is 12345.
    Install JbakTaskman and Y-browser. First, kill LifeBlogDBServer.exe using JbakTaskman. Then open Y-browser, go to C:\Data\Lifeblog\. Delete lifeblog.db
    If that doesn't work out, and if you get the phone to connect properly with the PC, make a backup of your contacts, messages, calendar, etc. and then soft reset your phone. The code is *#7370# . Enter the lock code. Default is 12345.
    Sometimes the issue will get sorted out all by itself. Sometimes it won't. Even if your phone fails to connect in PC Suite mode because of this error, keep trying. Restart the phone, or restore factory settings, etc. It may take a while, but it can be sorted out.
    If you don't care about losing your data, then soft reset your phone straight away.

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