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    Hello I bought a Nokia E75 before 3 months back and as well i am facing a prob with this mobile phone. I am not able to use the GPRS system. Can some one assist me how i will activate that option............

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    Re: Nokia E 75

    Yea sure i can help you with that.
    The same problem i had with my E75 of Nokia i simply call to Myworldphone and they gave me the solution of it.......thanks

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    Re: Nokia E 75

    Packet data (GPRS) settings
    Select Menu > Control panel > Settings and
    Connection > Packet data.
    Your device supports packet data connections, such as GPRS
    in the GSM network. When you are using your device in GSM
    and UMTS networks, it is possible to have multiple data
    connections active at the same time; access points can share
    a data connection, and data connections remain active,

    WLAN settings
    Select Menu > Control panel > Settings and
    Connection > Wireless LAN.
    To have an indicator displayed when there is a wireless LAN
    (WLAN) available in your current location, select Show WLAN
    availability > Yes.
    To select the interval for your device to scan for available
    WLANs, and to update the indicator, select Scan for
    networks. This setting is not available unless you select
    Show WLAN availability > Yes.

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    Re: Nokia E 75

    Im a nokia e75 user, 2 things u should know before you can successfully browse internet..

    1. Make sure your sim is activated for internet, if not, call your service provider to activate your sim..

    2. Your phone must have a proper connection settings inorder to connect.. Request your service provider to send you a prov file containing a settings for connection.

    You can easily notice if you have both proper connection by simply long press zero.
    If you read this error message 'packet data not available' it means your sim is not yet activated for internet. or else no proper connection settings has been done.

    In order to enjoy your browsing experience, use third party browser like ucweb or opera mobile or operamini. Good luck! Have happy haliday!

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