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    i am 21 years Old,,this is my first lucky year to travel Australia,i Shall go next Month.and i never went overseas,,so i need a phone ,,that can be use over there also in My country,so Friend please Help,, i use T-Mobile Contract phone..with that be work in Australia..if not then please suggest a phone,i need internet,can Text Need to Call,,thanks advance to Answer My Question,,

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    Re: Hi i am going to overseas next month ,i need a phone ?

    Yes definitely you can use any GSM phones in to the whole world with any kinda GSM network
    for the best you use a Quad Band phones... it is up to you what phone you would like to buy
    and about to use internet then i suggest you to buy an iphone 4.
    and if you wanna select a phone then you can found ebay, amazon or my world phone.

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    Re: Hi i am going to overseas next month ,i need a phone ?

    To have new phone for overseas, you need to take so many points clear with mind. Phone should work with other country, Also carrier service charges. If you want any suggestion i will suggest any Android device without contract.
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