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    hey all i been using this nokia n82 for the past few months now and i recently encoutered a problem about my memory card cause when i plugged it into my computer to upload my photos my whole computer hang and the my phone file went into "not responding" and whenever i open things photos or music it takes forever to open and i can't download anything so anyone know wat to do i can't use my computer to fix it cause when i plug it in it hangs and i'm pretty sure it's the memory card cause when i tried removing my memory card everything is total opposite it's all fast and i can download anything but it uses my phone memory so need that memory card to work cause it's a 8gb mirco sd memory card and last time i checked there was a freaking lot of space left so i really need help people please?...

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    Re: nokia memory card problem

    do you have a card reader? you should try using a different memory card or testing the existing with a memory card reader.

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