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    Nokia has finally made the Nokia E7 available in the UK via Vodafone and can be purchased by visiting Nokia's official online store. The Nokia E7 is a Symbian device that can be purchased, SIM free, on contract or on Pay As You Go. Not only can the Nokia E7 be purchased on all three of these options, but shipping is also free for standard options.

    Price of the Nokia E7 for a SIM-free and unlocked version will cost you 499 and for a price of 469, the Nokia E7 is available with the Pay As You Go with Vodafone, Orange, or T-Mobile. And for those who don't want to pay the steep price of Pay As You Go or for the Unlocked SIM free version, you can sign a two year contract and get the handset, free, with monthly plans starting at 35 per month, which will get you 600 minutes, unlimited texting and 500MB of data per month.

    Plans of 35.74 per month will get you 1200 minutes, 500 texts and unlimited mobile internet with T-Mobile.

    via: The Nokia E7 is now available via the Nokia UK web store - All About Symbian

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