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    I own this phone for about 4 months now. Nokia E72 unlocked version.

    This week I have noticed that my phone was eratic, and that the screen is going blank just after a few seconds after being turned on. All datas in my phone log was deleted spontaneously. The battery power was exhausted within 3 days while normaly it would last for up to 8 days after being fully loaded.

    Any idea what that symptom might be?

    Thanks for your reponse.

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    Re: Nokia E72 Eratic

    It's actually a pretty common issue but it should be fixable. Have you already tried rebooting your phone? You do this by turning off the phone for about 5 mins before turning it back on. If you have and it didn't work you may try these steps which I got from a source:

    1.. *#7780# - Restore factory settings - resets all the settings to the default ( you will not lose any data)
    - Make sure you back up your data first as you will lose all of it when you perform. The default code for ALL operations listed here is 12345.

    2.*#7370# - Reformat your phone. ALL data may be lost. still it is a good idea to always do a back up of your stuff.

    This you perform as a last resort. Nothing else is working.If the phone is not showing any activity, proceed with hard formatting , turn off your phone, hold the following buttons while pressing the power button. (the default code is 12345)

    3. hard reset - hold the following buttons * (star key), 3 (number button) and talk/green key. turn on the phone and do not release those buttons until you see the Nokia boot up screen. once you feel the phone power up you can let go off the power button while still holding all three buttons.

    If these codes are not working the only thing for you to do is contact your Nokia Care Center/Service for assistance.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: Nokia E72 Eratic

    Step number 2 should do the trick. A technician from Timtechs provided me this steps when I encountered a problem with my LG P500 before with same issue

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    Re: Nokia E72 Eratic

    These are some basic problems which so many Nokia phones witness these days. there is no need to panic as after performing some basic tasks you could be able to get the proper functioning of phone. at the first step just restore all your factory settings in Nokia E72 then reformat it and then boot the gadget. there are very high chances of getting it back to normal. if then too problem persisted go to Nokia Care and get your mobile phone checked.

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