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    Can you use the Nokia n97 Mini as modem for laptop?

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    Re: Nokia N97 mini as Modem

    you can use Nokia n97 Mini as modem for laptop. It’s also possible to set up the phone as a modem using Bluetooth, but this means you’ll have to have the Bluetooth adapters on both your laptop and your phone turned on, having a big effect on the battery life of both.

    another way is to connect your Nokia N97 Mini to the laptop using the USB cable. Plug the cable into your laptop, and into the Nokia N97 Mini. Click ‘PC Suite’ from the options that pop onto your handset’s screen, as this ensure the phone connects in the right mode. Start the Nokia PC Suite on your laptop, and click the large ‘Click here to connect a phone’ icon, making sure your Nokia N97 Mini connects properly. It’s then a simple case of pressing the internet icon on the top right. Once you’ve done this, your Nokia N97 Mini will automatically function as a modem, letting you connect to the internet and browse the web on the move.

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