Hi again,

maybe my initial question in my other post was too generic, I can see that. So after even more research, let's try this again in a more specific way:

Based on their features and price, the Nokia C1-01 and C2-01 both seem to provide most things I want.

C1-01: I would probably be happy with the features of the C1-01, which provides the essentials that I'm after.

C2-01: The C2-01 seems to be a bit more "future proof" due to 3G capability and higher versatility for using the internet, which would be a bonus since I could use the phone for longer without having to look for a new one again (for me, that's not fun, it's a pretty unemotional necessity that takes up my time). Also, I like the significantly better camera which would enable me to actually take occasional snap shots that are worth looking at; and I think the better display might be a bonus, too.

Now here are the hard questions though:

I may be a bit weird, but I get a real kick out of things that just work. Reliability and user friendliness are very important to me. Before everything else, I need a phone that I can rely on, and that does not make me jump through hoops - I do not want to deal with performance issues, annoying little problems or an unintuitive user interface. I don't want to be a paying hard- and software tester for an unfinished banana product that "ripens at the customer".

If you know a bit about either of the C1-01 or C2-01, or one of their competitors, it would be great if you could share your experiences with me.

More specifically I would like to know about both phones:

1. Is this phone reliable?
2. Are the talk and standby times actually what the manufacturer states?
3. How does the phone perform in bad coverage areas?
4. How loud is the ear piece; is it hard to hear in noisy environments?
5. How good is the microphone; will the other side hear me clearly?
6. Are the buttons reliable physically in the long run?
7. Is the interface logical and intuitive?
8. What is the music audio quality on headphones like?
9. Are there any bugs or problems that I should know about?


Finally, if you can think of any competitors of these two phones that I should check out and that are about in the same price range, please also let me know.

Here is what the phone needs to offer:

Must have:

released for 6 months or longer
bar design (no moving parts)
long standby time
long talk time
quad band
usb mini or micro
actually charges via usb, not other additional plug

good reception
clear sound
loud sound
good microphone
good buttons
good logical interface

...plus requirements 1. to 9., see above.

Nice to have:

dual sim
dual standby
memory card slot

Yeah, that's it... I'm hoping to come to a good decision soon that will keep me connected happily and without too much trouble for a couple years or so.

Thanks heaps everyone!

Have a great day!


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