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    Nokia is wanting customers to help invent new products. That is why Nokia has created a program, Invent with Nokia, for people who may have unique and great ideas for upcoming products that Nokia can use in the future. Anyone is eligible to participate and Nokia knows that customers know what they want.

    That is why Nokia is stepping away from employees of their company so they can get feedback from people like you. Nokia will decide who's idea is best and the winner will receive a financial reward for their creative invention. Nokia had this to say:

    Nokia’s business is very diverse, and the inventions we review are similarly broad. Whilst we take a common approach to valuing and rewarding our partners, there will be some variability. In principle you will be eligible for an award if we apply for a patent based on your invention. You may be eligible for a further award depending on the success of the product and the level of award you choose at the patent application stage.

    If you are interested in participating and putting your mind to work, below is what Nokia will be looking for.

    * Ideas related to mobile phones
    * Ideas related to mobile phone applications/services (e.g., for an applications store)
    * Wireless standards (cellular, WLAN etc)
    * Mobile device features (user interfaces, sensing applications etc)
    * Mobile device concepts (mechanics, displays, cameras, etc)
    * Mobile applications / software applications / services (e.g., maps, navigation, social networking, music, games, email etc.)
    * Mobile services infrastructure / Mobile service provider (e.g., for an applications store)
    * Mobile software / Operating systems

    You can go to Invent With Nokia to register.

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    Re: Nokia is looking for people to help invent phones and products

    I think this is a great idea. Us consumers have the most say on what makes a mobile phone perfect for us or which features are most commonly preferred so giving consumers the chance to create their own concept Nokia designs may actually work. Besides, I have heard of instances where the manufacturer purchases the concept design by some forum members which only goes to show that this is possible.

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    Re: Nokia is looking for people to help invent phones and products

    this pre supposes the company is manned y honourabe people. No?

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