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    Just as the title reads, got a brand new Nokia X3 today and have just set everything up.

    The only thing I seem to be unable to change is the homescreen and all the extra uneeded links on there (favorite contacts, sign in, and other boxes down below those two.. everything that is above Go to, menu and Names. I can't find the setting in the phone to remove them. They kinda cover my entire homescreen/wallpaper and I'd like it cleaned up to only show those 3 boxes at the bottom (go to, menu and names).

    I've fiddled around with profiles and things, and gone into menu>settings>display from there I can select Home screen and then personalise view but I dont see how to switch anything off. If I click on shortcut bar I see a green light thingy on next to shortcut bar but no way to change it to 'off'.

    Some help is required please, I'm not fantastic with phones - clearly

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    Nevermind, I found the option within the phone

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    Re: Nokia X3, how to clear homescreen?

    Can you provide the information on how you did this?

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    Re: Nokia X3, how to clear homescreen?

    I apologise for the long delay in reply to your post! Good thing I checked the email this week hehe

    Well it was quite simple afterall, I was delving further than I had to when trying it originally.

    To remove all those links that were covering my wallpaper I simply had to do this;


    When you've done that there are 2 options, here is where I went wrong originally by going into Personalise View, but the correct way to get rid of it was the top option Home scr. mode That has a simple on/off selection.

    Now the only things on my homescreen are the date and time (and the bar which I don't mind being there right across the bottom that shows Go To, Menu and Names. There are possibly ways to remove this also, however I like it there as I can touch them easily and I use them often where the other things were just a waste of space and blocking pretty pictures!)

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