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    Hi all,

    just would like to know if the Nokia 2700 charges the battery if ONLY connected to a computer via a normal standard usb cable - meaning, without using the Nokia charger, and ideally also without the need to use a "Nokia" usb cable.

    Side note 1: I am not talking about "usb chargers" which are essentially cables that plug into a usb port of a computer and then the other side plugs into the round Nokia charge plug of the phone. I am only talking about a connection from computer usb to phone micro usb.

    Side note 2: Since usb cables are standardised, there should be no need to use a cable actually made by Nokia. I want to be able to use any usb cable that has a plug that fits (if that does not work, it would be a major breach of the usb standard by Nokia).

    Reason I'm asking is that I want to be able to charge my phone with standardised hardware (usb cables) that I can find wherever I happen to be, and from standardised power sources (usb plugs in computers and laptops).

    If anyone has this phone, could you do me the favour, connect it to a running computer via usb cable, without the charger being connected, and see if it charges?



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    Re: Can the Nokia 2700 charge the battery via a normal usb cable?

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