Nokia's Stephen Elop made some controversial statements about the Android and iOS platforms here at the Open Mobile Summit in London. He said that Android phones works and behave in the same way.

He also said that Google should thank Apple for the open source OS Android, he says that Google developed Android OS due to the closed nature of iOS and according to him WP7 phones are facing a reduced sales because OEMs prefer Android most.

Stephen Elop said that Nokia is performing better than ever before and it is planning to partner with mobile carriers to deliver better service.

Elop said, "Apple created Android, or at least it created the conditions necessary to create Android. People decided they could not play in the Apple way, and they had to do something else. Then Google stepped in there and created Android… and others jumped on the Android train." When discussing how Android models act and look alike, Nokia's CEO said, " If it’s too hard to differentiate on a platform, commoditization steps in. But then differentiation starts to creep back in through fragmentation."

We have to wait and see as they are going to launch their first WP7 in October and how it is going to perform in the Android overcrowded Smartphone market.


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