According to Reuters, Nokia is projected for a loss in the Q2 and Q3 financial years. If you are from Asian countries you will be wondering about this news but if you are from US or European countries you will not be having much. It is because Nokia is still favorite in most of the Asian countries.

But if you are from Americas then you sill doubt even the existence of the company as the sales in these countries are moving like a snail. One reason behind the diminished sales in the US is due to the Symbian based Smartphones they are having as it is an utter flop in the US.

Another reason is the popularity of iOS and Android which almost removed Nokia from the Smartphone market. But there is still hope for Nokia as it teams up with Microsoft to produce WP7 phones which are expected for a Q4 release.

Even though the figures are not good for Nokia, it is still the worlds largest phone manufacturer.


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