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    Can we update the version of OVI maps in my Nokia N8?

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    Re: Nokia N8 Maps

    Quote Originally Posted by Frankie Hall View Post
    Can we update the version of OVI maps in my Nokia N8?
    Yes for sure, the latest version of nokia maps is 3.08(112).

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    Re: Nokia N8 Maps

    Most likely cause of application crashing is incorrect (or corrupt) map data following update, bear in mind that N8 originally ran Ovi Maps v3.04 but v3.06 & v3.08 use different maps!

    Don't know whether map data stored upon mass memory or memory card, so may need to delete E:\cities or F:\cities + .qf file, re-start Ovi Maps to re-initialise application and re-download regional maps and voice file.

    With latest Nokia Maps application mapping can be downloaded using "Update" feature via WLAN connection within application itself obviating need to utilise Nokia/Ovi Suite for this purpose.

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