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    Right, before you read on I'm going to warn you that this is a rant as well as an explanation as to why I'm soon leaving Nokia - for good. If you don't want to read on, stop now.

    I have the 5800 - great call quality but that's all it really has going for it. The battery life is appalling, the internet surfing is nowhere near as good as the iPhone and whilst the music player is decent enough it has a big negative impact on the battery life. This is just the start.

    My device also has the gap in the top right hand corner of the device. I can send this to my network to repair but I'd be without my phone for up to 2 weeks (and that's their estimate, not mine). However, why should I have to do this? When I buy a product, I expect it to be right and function well first time, not after being repaired. I don't think I'm asking for much. Another point to note re: build quality. The back case/battery cover is flimsy. The holder for the stylus broke (no, I didn't mess around with it before you blame me!) after a month. This is ridiculous. Aside from a flimsy stylus, the holder broke. I have had to blu-tak the stylus down and no longer use it. Thus, I am using a touch screen phone with an average touch screen (Nokia: please put a capacitive screen for future Nokia users). I don't need to tell you how annoying it can be to surf the web and select hyperlinks without a stylus.

    Now onto the software. Symbian 5.0 is a BIG let down. I found it to be too buggy and I feel that Nokia shouldn’t have installed it on its phones without THOROUGH testing. In short, Nokia, the 5800 is NOT a testing ground for the N97. I understand that every phone manufacturer issues firmware updates and that this is normal. Fine. However, with the 5800 the bug reports are, IMHO, way above average in terms of volume and seriousness of the bugs/issues. Surfing the net is painful. Selecting hyperlinks is annoying, it does not play flash videos on the webpage and it does not support Java. Ovi Store was a BIG let down.

    Also, I don’t want my phone to pretend to open beer cans or whatever else is sold/given away on the Ovi Store. However, other people may want such things and Nokia has to cater for everyone – fair play – but why is the software more expensive than rival offerings (Blackberry App Store, Apple’s App Store, Android Market, etc.)? Also, why are there so few really useful applications? It’s got the point where I’m ashamed to have a touch screen phone that is akin to the ugly cousin in comparison to iPhone in the global mobile phone family. I hear that the Nokia N97 is better but with Symbian 5.0 on it I doubt it can compete and the sales figures will prove that so please don’t have a go at me for saying this.

    This leads me on to the straw that broke the camel’s back, i.e. Nokia Messaging. I bought the 5800 in early 2009 as I wanted a phone that will allow me to listen to music, check and respond to emails, surf the net, make/receive calls and send/receive SMS messages. I opted for the new handset over a pure e-mail phone like the E71.

    Making and receiving calls is to me the one redeeming feature of the phone.

    SMS – no threaded messaging. I have to use a 3rd Party application for this – why? It’s not difficult to get right at the manufacturing stage, especially for a company with the financial resources that Nokia has. I wish to save my messages but saving them on the memory card messed it up after a couple of months and had to format the card and hard reset the phone. Again, why must I have to do this to get the damn thing to work?! I now save everything on the phone memory and painfully have to back up everything at least fortnightly. I am so concerned that any application I install will ruin the phone (hence causing me hours of torture as I hard reset, etc) that I am no longer adventurous with the phone and the applications I install.

    The music player is average – it works. Woo hoo (!).

    Surfing the net – see previous comments.

    Email is the reason why I’m leaving. I know the 5800 is not an email device but it has that functionality so I can legitimately complain about it. The in-built client is, in my view, hopeless. It’s not a pure push-email client and it won’t download the whole message when a new email is received. It takes up to 20s to download a new email when I wish to read it. Hopeless. Worse is Nokia Messaging. This IS a push-email client but it was released WITHOUT HTML support and the scrolling hurts my thumb as it just won’t scroll properly. To top it off, all emails are saved on the phone memory (already a measly 81Mb on a clean new phone). I have to uninstall and reinstall to reclaim the space it has used up. Again, WHY?! I shouldn’t have to do this! I installed it on 1st June and have had to do this at least 20 times but I persevered as I expected an update to be released before the end of Summer.

    Then yesterday happened and it’s REALLY pi**ed me off. Nokia announced a BETA of the Nokia Messaging – Social Messaging application and restricted it to the N97 and 6700 Classic. As a user of another Nokia device, I feel that Nokia has laughed in my face. I waited and persevered hoping that Nokia will fix existing problems but no, they ignored those and carried on developing something new. What the hell?! They have time for silly things like “Lifecasting” but not to fix existing problems. I don’t want to know my friends’ GPS co-ordinates. I don’t want built-in facebook – I have an application for that, thanks. I don’t want anything fancy, I just want my damn phone to work!

    Nokia, please, if you want to retain customers please stop these stupid antics. Get back to basics and keep your customers happy. Stop using random focus groups and use some more common sense. I believe Nokia is now too big and is releasing too many handsets and software to get things right. Look at Apple – one product produced amazingly well. Look at Blackberry – smaller product range but each one doing what it said it would do (except the Storm but that’s another story). Stop trying to be jack of all trades and master of none because you’ve already lost me as a customer and others may follow suit. Thank you for reading. You’ll find me at your nearest Blackberry retailer. Ciao.

    See More: Goodbye Nokia
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    Re: Goodbye Nokia

    Sorry to hear that. Yeah, seems that Nokia was a little ego and didn't pay enough attention to feedbacks from customers and market.
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    Re: Goodbye Nokia

    agree, goodbye~~~~~~~~~~

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    Re: Goodbye Nokia

    I agree on most of the things you said here bro..
    But keep in mind, that whenver you purchased anything (phone or not) you need to check if the hardware is ok... now you will bring it home and play with it ( to get familiarize with it).
    And if there's anything that you find not amusing or something is missing ( what u expected that the phone can do) you can always replace it or better yet get a refund.

    Just to be fair... all nokia products have a one year warranty which will allow you to get the phone checked or evaluated. Maybe a software update may not solve your issues but... a reflash can do?

    Anyways, what i can advise you is... before purchasing anything ( not just phone products) check the specs online and compare it with the same class or a different brand. You may already know this but instead of some jibber jabber.. be sure that you like and you are happy on what you gonna get.

    Goodluck and I hope you can find a phone that supports your concern as long you have their products.
    You will understand where im coming from... in time. Cheers!

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    Re: Goodbye Nokia

    I bought from Nokia.com C6-01 and N8 for me and my wife . I spend a lot of money for them and i expected to have a good phones . Well , that was worst experience in my life .I could even say cheap LG phones are better . Both Nokia's restarting by itself 100's time , freezing , lugging all the time . When i called consumer service they just doing master reset or rewriting software ( have to spend hours in front of comp and phone with them to do it ) never helped. I had HTC , Iphone and other phones already in my life but Nokia it's a Nightmare.
    I would recommend that phone to my enemy only and i m not sure if i have that kind of BAD enemy to recommend those phones.
    Well to be fair i have to add that nokia N8 have one good thing that other phones don't . Its a 12 MP camera witch is perfect under any angle. But did i bought camera or phone ?
    I needed good phones and i have good camera. Both my Nokia's going to ebay this week and hope someone will give me few $ back for them .

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    Re: Goodbye Nokia

    sorry to hear that.

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