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    First off all hi all I an new here and I must say I like your forum a lot. OK now lets get down to business as you all know Nokia's phones are known fore there endurance and long lasting battery life but "recently" it seems that Sonim is defeating Nokia at is home turf because Sonim phones come whit a 2 months of battery time,water resistant (fully submersible ), dirt and oil and no mach for the sonim's Excellent built,...
    I an not trying to think less of Nokia but F*** they better got ther **** together or else it will be by by Nokia and hello Sonim.
    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKA307efK2U[/VIDEO] sonim xp3000 vs nokia 3720

    See More: Nokia vs Sonim
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    Re: Nokia vs Sonim

    dont have any idea

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    Re: Nokia vs Sonim

    I'm familiar with nokia 3720 better.haven't heart sonim before.

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