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    Hi, my Nokia E5-00 does not release the keyboard. I can press all the buttons, but the OK button is not accepted. Thus, the keypad remains locked permanently off and I can not get the contact details. Via OVI Suite I did not have access to the data because I can not confirm a necessary update to the phone. Is there a trick to disable the keyboard lock?

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    Re: Keyboard problems with Nokia E5-00

    what do you mean by keyboard lock?
    > you cannot press anything on the phone or it is just the keyboard is locked and you are unable to unlock it.
    > hope you know how to unlock it... for it has a setting that you can disable the autolock of the phone


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    Re: Keyboard problems with Nokia E5-00

    There is a carbon under every button of the keypad. You can rub the carbon by a rubber or go to your nearest Nokia Care.

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