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    I have a Nokia 2220s. It does not support Bluetooth, infrared, or USB, but does have a special port. I bought a "Nokia 2720f - 2220s Mini Easy Port 3 USB Cable" and followed the instructions at the bottom of this page.

    In summary, the instructions are: Install the cable drivers. This will assign a com port number to the cable in Windows Device Manager. Set the PCSuite software to connect over "dku-5/serial connection."

    PCSuite recognizes my phone. I know this because 2220s appears in the connected-phone portion of the GUI. However, an error message on PCSuite says "Ovi suite/PCSuite does not support the connected phone. An Ovi suite/PCSuite settings file is missing from the phone. Switch off your phone, switch it on and try again."

    How can I connect to my phone? I can use this or another method -- anything that works

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    Re: Connecting Nokia 2220s to my computer

    I have a nokia 22220s and want to connect to laptop with windows vista Have a cable but no success connecting to phone, it is a usb data cable which says compatible. What else can I try?

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