Saipan is the EPOC is the basis of its architecture with many desktop operating systems like, which includes multi-tasking, multi-threading and memory protection operation. Saipan's biggest advantage is that it is designed for portable devices, with limited resources, you can run for months or even years. And thanks to the savings in memory, using Symbian-style programming concepts and the cleanup stack. These functions will be used with other technologies, will reduce memory usage and memory leak was minimal. Similar technology is also used to save disk (although in Saipan devices, hard drives usually flash memory) and memory card space. Moreover, Saipan is the use of event-driven programming, when the application does not handle events, CPU will be shut down. This is called active object-oriented programming concepts to achieve. Correct use of these technologies will be able to extend battery life. These technologies allow the C + + Symbian very professional and has a steep learning curve. However, many Symbian devices can also use the OPL, Python, Visual Basic, Simkin, and Perl, with Java J2ME and to use self-developed.
I have a saipan cellphone,but i havn't felled its advantage and disadvantage. so ,I hope you can share with me.

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