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    I apologize if this question has been asked before... I have a Nokia E71x from AT&T. I am looking to upgrade to a newer Nokia phone before Nokia starts shipping it's new phones with the Windows OS, but I do not see any of the Nokia phones on the AT&T web site. I have the AT&T $30 unlimited data plan. The phone I am most interested in is the N97. I see plenty of these for sale on eBay, but 99.999999% of them are unlocked. If I was to purchase an unlocked N97, would I simply be able to move over the SIM card from my E71x to the N97 and still have everything work without making any changes in plans or settings (phone calls, text messages, multimedia text messages, data)? Or will I need to do some tweaking? I've seen a lot of forums postings from people that want to move a SIM card from a non-smartphone to an unlocked Nokia, and others that want to move their SIM card from an iPhone to an unlocked Nokia (different data plans, so some changes are required), but I have not run across someone trying to do what I am interested in (not that others have not asked, but I could not find them doing some quick searches).

    Thank you in advance for your help.


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    Re: Upgrading from E71x to newer Nokia

    The web browser in the E75 is the famous S60 browser. It is based on the equally famous Webkit engine that runs under the hood of Google Chrome, Apple Safari and the iPhone's Mobile Safari as well. This is basically the best browser you can find on a non-touchscreen based phone. The browser is super fast and loads pages just as they would appear on a PC screen. You get a mini map mode which tells you your position on the page while scrolling. You can zoom out and zoom in on the text or on the page. There is tabbed browsing but new tabs are only open by links on the web page and a user does not have the choice to open links in a new tab. Also the browser supports downloading you can only download files that the phone recognizes.

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