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    Recently, Nokia released its Press invites for their event that would take place at CES in Las Vegas next month. While it is still a suspense as to what they would reveal in the upcoming 45-minute Press event, rumors have it that there might an announcement regarding release of an AT&T device based on Windows Phone OS. The device is said to be Nokia 900 Ace, having a 4.3’ display and featuring LTE.

    The announcement, would be a great news in Windows mobile industry and for Nokia; with both requiring public attention at present. Launching under AT&T would be of great benefit for both companies. The greatest beneficieries here would then be the customers who would get a real classy Windows Phones that can stand in competition with iPhone and Android. Rumors have it that Nokia have really made high-end efforts to release these devices in the US mobile market; especially after the launch of the Nokia Lumnia 710 and “rolling thunder” oftheir media campaign.

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    Re: New Nokia Windiows Phones Coming to USA

    Thumbs up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! New Nokia phone enabled with AT & T device based on windows phone O.s.

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