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    There is a way of studying the interior of your Symbian phone using an application that shows real images.

    The application basically lets you scrape travésdel phone and shows the electronic components, SIM card, battery, etc. It also has some fun details that you obviously won't find on the inside of the phone but give a fun touch.

    Works with versions of Symbian ^ 1, Symbian ^ 3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle. Was implemented using QT.

    Pruebenla so that they see that it is.

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    Re: What about inside the phone?

    A mobile phone is also called a cellphone because the phone network is made up of base stations that send out signals, and the area covered by each of these base stations is called a cell. Cells overlap to make up a coverage area. The mobile handset uses radio to communicate with the nearest cell site. When a handset gets too far from a cell site, a computer lets the phone know and a cell site closer to the phone takes over the call on a different channel. The phone can transmit and receive on hundreds of different channels.

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