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    Nokia 3595
    sir i cannot use the phone. so i need restriction code.

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    Re: Nokia 3595: restriction code

    1st code combo 1111
    2ND code combo 12345
    3rd code combo is the last 4 digits of your phone number.
    Best of luck

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    Re: Nokia 3595: restriction code

    You can get any type of solutions to your Nokia phone on the Nokia website itself. Nokia always gives priority importance to its customers first. Nokia's latest product Asha 300 is a best example for Nokia users can do anything and everything on their Nokia Mobiles. The internet is so fast and the multiple download feature gives access for multitasking.
    Like you have any problems in your Nokia phone then just browse the internet watch pout for the necessary solution in different page at a time and then Switch-Back tot he phone and fix the issues.
    Nokia Asha 300 give the advantage of multi tasking with smart features.

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