I am currently using a 6-year old Palm Treo. Great phone, but now its time has come. So I am actually considering Symbian Belle, particularly the E7, C7 or X7. Competition is Blackberry.

Two questions:

2. Regarding PC Software

Palm had their own software for contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.
What should I be using with my E7? Does it come with a PC software?

I do not have any Outlook license. All I have is Windows 7 and Thunderbird for Mails. I understand that Thunderbird has a calendar and task function as well, but no notes.

Can the E7 sync to these tools?
What would you use?

2. Regarding Synchronization

I also have a company notebook which runs Outlook 2007 on Windows 7.
I assume I can sync this with an E7. Does this work already with the supplied/downloaded Nokia suite?

Can I synchronize with two different PC installations?

I can do that with my old Palm. All calendar entries are present at all three devices, my Palm mobile, my company notebook and my private PC.

This does work. Unfortunately, it creates quite a number of dupes (especially unnecessary dupes where one entry was NOT modified on more than one device).

I would prefer, however, to tag my entries as business/private and synchronize them only with one device. This means I would have all appointments on my E7, the private ones also on my private PC and the business ones also on my company notebook. Business appointments would not be on my private PC and the other way around. This would also mean that I have the pictures only synced with my private PC.

Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for any help.


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