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    Before I was Nokia fans, but now the Nokia now increasingly disappointed me, frequent crashes, programs often disorder, etc.? I have to look at it? Why Nokia? I don't really understand oh! What are friends and I have similar views, we can discuss together! Thank you

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    Re: Nokia mobile phone a lot of problems!

    Which model?

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    Re: Nokia mobile phone a lot of problems!

    This is not applicable for all series of Nokia.It is true for several brand.The reasons for the fan of Nokia is huge.The most common it is more comfortable to use by anyone.another reason is in today's world of science and technology Nokia brand has its own importance. Most of the people prefer buying cell phones from this brand. It must be due to the reason that whatever people wish in the field of cell phones, Nokia makes it happen. The manufacturer is known for the types of latest and stylish devices it produces. The second reason for the increase in demand of Nokia cell phones is that these cell phones are authentic and problems are found in a very low quantity.
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