Owners of Nokia DCT phone now have a way to free their device form the current network which is FREE, SAFE and 100% LEGAL.

We can offer free cell phone unlock codes at http://www.freeunlocks.com for Nokia DCT models and just about every other phone out there.


We use TrialPay, so all you need to do is sign up for a free trial period on something like a DVD rental or music download site. If you decide to then cancel the free trial period then this is fine; the unlock codes are still yours.

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A Nokia DCT is a great phone but there will probably come a time when you would prefer to have it unlocked. This could be when you travel abroad or when you come to sell it, for example. By getting free phone unlocking codes now you can make sure that it is unlocked whenever you want it to be in the future.


Do it now and your phone will stay unlocked forever. We are currently unlocking in excess of 1,500 phones every single month, and the figure is rising all the time. In the two years we have been doing this we have helped thousands of phone owners get more out of their device, and here are some great reviews which some of them have left for you to read.

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