The Asha 303 is the best equipped handset of the lineup. Not only is it the first QWERTY/touchscreen S40 phone, the capacitive display is a debut for the platform. The penta-band 3G support along with Wi-Fi and USB-on-the-go are worthy of a smartphone.

The Nokia Asha 303 measures 116.5 x 55.7 x 13.9 mm, not too big, but not impressively compact either. The QWERTY messenger isn’t remarkably slim but the curved shape gives it a rather comfortable fit in the hand. At just 99 g, the Asha 303 is lightweight and easy to handle.
Asha 303 is a bit more compact and weighs less than its all-plastic (Nokia X2-01) predecessor. It is a simple yet stylish handset even though the messenger form factor doesn’t allow too much creative freedom.
Asha 303 offers a familiar convenience of Touch and Type phones, but comes with a slightly bigger screen and most importantly a full QWERTY keyboard. With a connectivity set that borders on premium and a powerful 1GHz processor, the Asha 303 is ready to lead a Nokia return to markets the Finns like to call their own.

The 2.6” display is on the small side – for a touch phone – but it does the job. The touchscreen offers the trademark Nokia haptics we’ve been consistently impressed with. Wherever you tap on the display, you’ll feel the vibration right under your fingertip.
The touch-enabled version of the S40 platform brings only skin-deep changes like the refreshed icons, a la Symbian-Anna. And a few usability improvements, like the homescreen swipes.

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