Nokia Asha 200 is a superb music express phone, the dual speakers and HD screen gives a distinct space to watch movies on mobile or enjoy music tracks both in Audio and Video Version. The DRM free feature in Asha 200 gives access to 40 million songs and with one push instant download.
Nokia and Vodafone has also entered into a strategic alliance for some worthy data plans for the Asha 200 users. With Asha 200 the Memory supporting upto 32 GB and an intelligent software inside, making web-pages shorter upto 90%, and gives a multitasking view or gird view to browse thousands of pages each second.
Asha 200 supports direct push to download movies in to the mobile at the highest resolution original copy available in the internet and gives HD output while watching the same on the Phone.
Asha 200 is now reaching global markets with the rise in it demand.

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