Nokia has singed a pact with the Zenga TV to stream live TV on mobile. Since the Indian mobile market is filled with users who want some thing more about entertainment on mobile, Nokia has released the Asha 300 series of phone that has everything for smart use and many things for entertainment.
Apart from inbuilt games and apps, Asha 300 is also very popular for its camera, battery and music.
The Internet runs at lighting fast speed which gives multi-utility features.
Asha 300 hold the world biggest smartphone feature and that is live TV on mobile in India.
I can watch live TV on my Asha 300 with channels like IPL live, 9x Live and many other channels without any buffering. I watch any videos on youtube also without any buffering and the data tariff is just a couple of money which Nokia has already signed with vodafone India to subscribe every Asha 300 user.

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