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    If you can see the big bulge on the back of the Nokia Pureview 808, that means only one thing. A camera with huge capabilities. The camera is rated at an unheard of 41 megapixels. This easily beats any other smartphone in the world. How do you take advantage of all that power and make some great photos with the handset?

    One trick to taking great photos with the Nokia Pureview 808 is to know about backgrounds. One way to make an object or person appear to hover in mid air is to give it a pure white background. The background needs to be curved up from the bottom. It can be made of cardboard or whatever you have handy. The next thing to do is to choose your lighting. Some photographers use hours of time choosing the right lighting conditions for their photos. The white background of your subject may need some special filters. A cheap one is tracing paper. The tracing paper can diffuse the light, making it easier to get the hover effect with the Pureview 808. The curved background, called an "infinity curve", will then provide the effects for the shot.

    For those Nokia 808 owners who are into nature photography, there are some tips for you as well. For this you will need to enter the menus of the smartphone and choose the Macro focus mode. This is for close up shots of plants or anything else of interest. Choosing the Macro mode will change the way the lens is focused. Sneaking up on a bumble bee and snapping its photo can be done with huge clarity with this handset. Being astute with the background will prevent any unwanted results. With the Macro mode the camera will need to be held perfectly still to avoid blurring. The subject should not be moving very much either. It should become second nature with a little practice.

    For taking pictures of urban landscapes with the Nokia Pureview 808, such as when visiting new cities, there are some tricks to learn. Getting a perfect shot as a tourist is not that hard. All it takes is attention to color. For example in New York City, the cabs are all yellow. The bins in Berlin are orange. The telephone booths in London are red. Getting some shots of the color of an urban landscape will give more vivid memories once you get back home with the 808. Things that regular photographers use to attract attention to a subject are called "leading lines". What are they? They are usually strong diagonal lines that help guide a viewer's eyes to where the photo snapper wants them to be. A set of steps is a good example. The subjects, perhaps a person, can be sitting at the end of a row of steps. The photo can be taken from the other end of the steps, with the lines of the steps pointing to the subject. Imagining the screen of the Nokia Pureview 808 divided into three equal vertical spaces also helps to take a successful picture. Put the subjects on the imagined vertical lines and the photo will turn out better.

    Regular street photography with the Nokia Pureview 808 is another "point of interest". This will usually be people. The trick to taking great photos of street subjects is to do it when they do not know they are being photographed. If you are feeling bold there should be no problem with asking for permission as well. There is no need to ask for permission though, unless you are planning on making money with the photos. The great thing about using the Pureview is that you are not pointing a big huge camera at someone so they will feel more at ease. Everyone is carrying around a cell phone these days. The last tip for street photography with the 808 handset is to blend in with the crowd.

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    re: How to take better photos with the Nokia Pureview 808

    hey MobilesGroup Nokia 808 Pureview is an amazing device seriously. i have heard a lot about this Nokia phone, even i also read 3,4 articles, reviews of this device. the thing that makes a huge impact is its 41 Megapixel strength, plus it comes with a 4-inches SUPER AMOLED corning Gorilla clear black display. what i have heard is you cannot use 41 pixels while clicking pictures , maximum that you can use is 35 Megapixels. the snapper provide you 4X digital zoom and its loaded with 7,728 x 5,338 pixels. which is more than enough to capture a decent shot. isn't t ??

    i personally have no experience but still i can imagine that there should not be any issue with the picture quality or any thing else regarding the same..

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    Re: How to take better photos with the Nokia Pureview 808

    Ya some how you are right but the picture quality as given by Nokia 808 pure view phone is very amazing that i may better say its even more than 41 megapixels.
    I personally using this phone,and i am impressed by the same, its features, 3G video calling, YouTube videos,eBook supports and many more functions let you take to the world of enjoyment.
    Even many social sites have uploaded pictures taken by this phone and they are actually looking real ones and are amazing too.

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