I have a query that has been posed to me by a friend, thinking that I was far more averse with mobile telephones than I actually am. Is there anybody out there that can confirm that the following is possible. Between 2004 -2006 the content of a series of received text messages were altered or possibly fabricated. The message was saved to the save item memory of a nokia 6230. The nokia was not the receiving handset. The text messages that were saved in the saved item memory of the nokia 6230 contained all of the properties of a genuine unaltered received message. Namely from entry at date entry and time entry. The messages had been altered or fabricated via another handset or via pc cd rom (similar to a pc suite supplied with a nokia 9100i handset) the puzzle using the equipment available pre 2006 is to explain the simple process that allows you to alter a received text message and retain the from date and time entries and stored in the saved items folder, so as give the appearance of a received text message

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