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    good day together

    I have a small question

    I have a nokia c03-01.
    I made a backup of my apps and data before that I have been in the repair (operating system updates, I could not install).
    now I got it back, now I want to know if I my backup of my apps and data back again to load, or is everything just always reloaded (including operating system)?

    if so how do I have to make the ONLY apps and data back to load and not the system
    I feel especially for whatsapp.
    to my messages (sms) I ship by whatsapp, so it would be great if I could load onto the back nokia.
    or there is a possible esen speed of backup from these to load in a program to the news of whatsapp can.
    the contacts, calendar I sync via push mail.

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    Re: Restore for manufacturer repair

    I think that you need to think carefully and search the Internet. If you do this, you will understand why you need Torque Screwdrivers. When I also had such a problem, I bought it at https://torquewrenchguide.com/review...-screwdrivers/ and fixed it right away and was able to use it for another month until it drowned it But, the result remains result. The phone was safe and sound, so you should get confused and restore it, the main thing is not to finish as I did. I advise you to still get Torque Screwdrivers, they are useful in principle

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