According to foreign media reports, in order to meet the demand for DIY manufacturing, Nokia announced the Lumia 820 users own 3D printing to the back cover of the phone. For investors, the message will not be quickly reversed the plight of Nokia. But in the long term, Nokia move will be smart phones and 3D printing industry have a profound impact.

Many smart phone manufacturers are trying to enhance brand loyalty, Nokia is clearly have the upper hand. It is worth mentioning that Nokia is likely to promote the 3D printing industry to the consumer market.

Future, smart phones will be more modular, given that the system will also be higher than the current Nokia to move in this direction has taken the first step. Nokia communities and developers manager John Staniland (John Kneeland) that Nokia can take the opportunity to the manufacturer sales of 3D development components (referred 3DK) their production to help meet the demand for mobile products custom.

Through such a transformation, Nokia will put themselves in the forefront of innovative 3D printing technology. If you can get 3D print manufacturing community support, the Nokia 3D printing market development components achievements will obviously be more excellent.

Today, Nokia has dropped out of the ranks of the world's five major smartphone manufacturers, Nokia is trying to open a new path for Nokia shareholders undoubtedly gratifying. If Nokia continues to develop 3D printing business, Nokia's prospects may be better.

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