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I've made the same request to skype-forum, but from there is no feedback, so I try it on this forum, can possibly help me.

I have. On my Nokia C03-01 (symbien) skype installed (gallery.mobile9.com/f/1687252 /)
So far so good.
I was able to enter my username and password. But after sending the logins, I get the message: "Unable to connect to the Skype server."
But otherwise I come to the Internet with my smartphone. I have it set so that when I'm in a wifi already stored on it connects to the internet, and if none is available only asks me if he should connect otherwise inst internet or not.

So when I wanted to test it, I was in one of my wireless environment. But the skype-registration did not go habs, several attempts.
same login on a pc in the same wireless network goes.

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