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    Nokia finally has some bragging rights in the smart phone market. The Nokia Lumia 1020 undoubtedly comes with the best camera among all smart phones. Although the smart phone may be lacking some features, it definitely makes up for everything it lacks with the camera. Samsung too had released a smart phone in early June 2013 with the hope that they will capture the smart phone camera market before Nokia releases their monster. So what have you missed out on if you chose to go with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom instead of waiting for the Nokia Lumia 1020? Let’s find out...

    Phone Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Nokia Lumia 1020
    Image The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs The Nokia Lumia 1020-samsung-galaxy-s4-zoom.jpg The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs The Nokia Lumia 1020-nokia-lumia-1020.jpg
    Operating System Android 4.2.2 (JellyBean) TouchWiz Nature UX UI Windows Phone 8
    Processor Quad Core, 1500 MHz, ARM Cortex-A9 Dual Core, 1500 MHz, Krait
    System Chip Samsung Exynos 4212 Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960
    System Memory 1.5 GB 2 GB
    Graphics Processor ARM Mali-400 MP4 Adreno 225
    Display 4.3” Super AMOLED 4.5” AMOLED
    Screen Resolution 960 x 540 1,280 x 768
    Pixel Density 256 ppi 334 ppi
    Storage 8 GB Internal memory (5 GB User memory) + microSD / microSDHC / microSDXC slot (up to 64 GB) 32 GB User memory
    Primary Camera 16 MP 41 MP
    Flash LED, Xenon LED, Xenon
    Secondary Camera 1.9 MP 1.2 MP
    WiFi WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / n 5GHz WiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n
    Bluetooth 4.0 3.0
    Battery 2,330 mAh 2,000 mAh
    Weight 208 g 158 g
    Dimensions 125.5 x 63.5 x 15.40 mm 130.4 x 71.4 x 10.40 mm
    Announced 12th June 2013 11th July 2013

    Size and weight

    Considering the fact that Samsung has released some ‘easy to hold’ smart phones in the last year or so, you’ve got to wonder what went wrong with the Galaxy S4 Zoom. The Galaxy S4 Zoom measures 125.5 x 63.5 x 15.40 mm while the Lumia 1020 measures 130.4 x 71.4 x 10.40 mm. How can Nokia have managed to fit in a much bigger camera into a thinner smart phone? And if it weren’t for the smaller screen, I’m sure the Galaxy S4 Zoom would have been longer and wider as well. The story is pretty much the same when it comes to weight with the Lumia 1020 weighing 158 g while the Galaxy S4 Zoom weighs 208 g. Looks like Samsung really missed a step here.

    This point obviously goes to the Lumia 1020.

    (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Zero / Nokia Lumia 1020 - One)


    The competition is a lot closer when it comes to display size and technology though. The Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with a 4.3” Super AMOLED touch screen while the Lumia 1020 comes with a 4.5” AMOLED touch screen. But what Nokia loses in technology they make up for in pixel density with the Lumia 1020 beating the Galaxy S4 Zoom, 334 ppi to 256 ppi. If you ask me, releasing a top end smart phone with a pixel density below 300 is just not done. I think Samsung got a little cocky with this one.

    I’m calling this one a draw although Nokia should pick up the point for since pixel density matters more than technology.

    (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Zero / Nokia Lumia 1020 - One)

    Memory & Storage

    This is one area where Samsung never disappoints and while the Galaxy S4 Zoom only comes in a 8 GB version it does allow support expandable memory up to 64 GB which is great since you will be clicking a lot of photographs with the smart phone. Nokia hasn’t provided expandable memory options in the Lumia series and nothing has changed here either. The Lumia 1020 comes with 32 GB of user memory and I think it was wrong for them to not work on incorporating expandable memory in a smart phone with such a large camera. In terms of memory, the Galaxy S4 Zoom has 1.5 GB of RAM while the Lumia 1020 has 2 GB of RAM. Not a very notable difference.

    This point goes to Samsung, simply because it allows memory expansion.

    (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - One / Nokia Lumia 1020 - One)


    The point is one which both Nokia and Samsung hoped to win hands down. But when they both come head to head, it is unfortunate that Samsung fails to match up to the expectations. The 41 MP camera on the back of the Lumia 1020 ‘shoots’ away all competition and there is nothing that the 16 MP camera on the Galaxy S4 Zoom can do to even come on terms with the monster. Both smart phones have a Xenon flash accompanied by an LED flash and a wide range of features for you to play with.

    Even though Nokia wins the point, if you have bought either of these smart phones purely for their cameras, you will not be disappointed.

    (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - One / Nokia Lumia 1020 - Two)

    OS & Performance

    Both these smart phones were a major let down when it comes to performance. One actually was worse than the other. The Lumia 1020 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus MSM8960 chip and Dual Core, 1500 MHz, Krait processor which takes us back to the first quarter of 2012. The Galaxy S4 Zoom, on the other hand, comes with a Samsung Exynos 4212 chip and Dual Core, 1500 MHz, Cortex-A9 processor which takes us all the way back to 2011. At least both smart phones run on the latest operating systems out there (Galaxy S4 Zoom on Android 4.2.2 JellyBean and Lumia 1020 on Windows Phone 8).

    This point goes to the Lumia 1020 simply because it uses newer technology.

    (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - One / Nokia Lumia 1020 - Three)


    If you buy either of these smart phones, one thing’s for sure! You will be taking a lot of photographs. That is where the battery comes into play. The Galaxy S4 Zoom comes with a 2,330 mAh battery while the Lumia 1020 comes with a 2,000 mAh battery. And while the Lumia 1020 battery can provide a stand by time of 16 days the Galaxy S4 Zoom is supposed to have an amazing stand by time of 23 days. Now that’s something worth mentioning.

    Since battery life is essential for a smart phone than doubles up as a camera, this point will be going to Samsung.

    (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Two / Nokia Lumia 1020 - Three)


    The Galaxy S4 Zoom is available for around $ 534 free of a contract which is a pretty decent price for a smart phone with a 16 MP camera. The Lumia 1020 is expected to cost around $ 735 when it releases instead of the $ 650 which I had thought earlier. That means the Galaxy S4 Zoom is a much cheaper buy. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is a better buy. I mean, a 41 MP camera. Isn’t that worth the extra $ 200?

    The point still goes to Samsung though.

    (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom - Three / Nokia Lumia 1020 - Three)


    So the final score is tied at 3 points each. But does that mean both smart phones are the same? You couldn’t be more wrong. The Nokia Lumia 1020 is better because it is more portable, has a superior camera and system chip. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is cheaper, has a larger battery life and provides expandable storage options. Considering most of you will probably but the Lumia 1020 on contract with AT&T though (there are no contracted Galaxy S4 Zoom’s available), I don’t think we should worry too much about the price difference. That being said the Lumia 1020 could definitely have used a better battery and more storage options. But is the Galaxy S4 Zoom equal to the Lumia 1020? I can give you 41 reasons why it isn’t!

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    Re: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs The Nokia Lumia 1020. Are Smart Phones Slowly Turning Into Cameras

    I've seen comparisons of photos taken by the two cameras, using the zoom. The Samsung galaxy s4 zoom clearly came out a lot better.
    Other reasons why I prefer the Zoom: the memory card slot, videos with 60 fps, and I like Android.

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    Re: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom vs The Nokia Lumia 1020

    Nokia Lumia 1020 is great smartphone comes with 4.5 inches (Compact) display,41 MP Primary camera and 2000 mAh, Li-ion battery,Nokia Lumia 1020 is a device that poses all connectivity features, be it Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE, NFC, GPS/GPRS etc.You should go for, best place to buy stylish smartphone.Go for it.
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