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    Its a great new for all those who love using viber for messaging and sharing photos and lot of other functionalities. Viber is a mobile application platform that offers free messaging and HD quality voice calling so it partnered exclusively with Nokia. The Nokia X users are going to get the latest version of Viber at parity with the latest version of Android.

    According to CEO of Viber, Talmon Marco “This strategic partnership will help us provide Nokia users with a great messaging and calling experience enhanced with photo sharing, stickers and other Viber functionality,”

    "We believe that great innovation is enhanced through applications, therefore we made sure to offer many of the most popular applications on our new Nokia X family of devices,” believes Bryan Biniak, Vice President, Developer Experiences at Nokia.

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    Re: Viber partners with Nokia

    What's the point of having a partnership with Nokia if the app is available for anyone else anyway?

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    Re: Viber partners with Nokia

    What's the partnership for?
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