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    Many game lovers,movie lovers and shoppers may be crazy about coupons or gift cards---they can use them to buy items at discount. That's the base of rewarding apps---to use gift cards or other rewards to attract users, and promote their offers. Among these apps, some have made success such as checkpoints, swagbucks, appnana, free my apps, etc. And others are developing and providing more service. Having experienced many a lot, I recommend Checkpoints, Appbounty, Appsgiftshop, and Iconzoomer. For getting rewards, you're required to accomplish the tasks as those rewarding apps required. For example, in Appsgiftshop, you're asked to download some games or other apps as listed, and in every time you download one app you could earn certain credits. When your credits can accumulate enough, you can redeem a gift card. The tasks can be more funny in checkpoints if you don't care how soon you can get the gift card. To earn credits in Checkpoints, you could watch a video, scan the code of one thing you buy, or search a website to get points. This gonna be an enjoyable experience that you earn rewards while you're entertaining.

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