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    I wanted a new smartphone and looked 24 mobile time, there are Yes almost all devices and tariffs, but somehow this is me then again too much the bottom line. The selection is so great that I don't know what is really good and have but often heard that you get on such portals such as 24 mobile better deals than in the store. I want a phone from Sony or rather just Nokia and high end in any case. I don't like both Samsung and Apple, although I'm still a Galaxy SIII. Maybe you can give me a few tips.

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    Yes, 24 mobile is a good portal. There you can compare everything, test various tariffs and devices in the mixer. So Nokia is really cool, you're not Samsung or Apple, like all!
    Can there thoroughly understand your reluctance. But on 24 Mobile you Yes the complete range, all of your selections. Nokia Lumia - is a good series and the more expensive phones are also really cool, why the not have prevailed, I know, not so right. But they are definitely not bad! Look easy, what is important to you, the flagships are all quite similar, but the important thing is the operating system Yes at the end because the hardware makes only small differences in the same price segment!

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