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    Hi guys! I'm new to this forum hoping to find some answers to a couple of problems. I'm from the uk

    1. Firstly I have an 8850 which I love however it has a tendency to suddenly go flat with the 3 beeps and turn off when the battery is half full ish and when under load (i.e. Can be playing a game fine but then make a call or send a text and boom flat).

    I've tried a couple of batteries from eBay but similar thing, it's almost like the phone can't calibrate the charge levels properly. Can tell it's getting close to dying as the screen will flicker slightly under load first before full flatness! Could also be crap batteries of course with no capacity any more.

    2. Could this be a software/firmware issue? It's on v5.20 o think. If so how does one go about updating these old phones now? I have no cd with it and can't find a copy of pc suite etc that runs in xp or connects properly via infra red. I assume I need a cable but again don't have one

    Sorry it's a long one guys!
    Thanks in advance


    See More: Nokia 8850 software
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