We all know Nokia company for their amazing smarthphone devices.

Some of the best models include Nokia 3310, Nokia 3210, Nokia 8 and may more.

We also know that Nokia tried to create their own operating system known as Symbian and later started using windows, not android or IOS.

This time we have something special we have a remake of their own device called Nokia 3310 3G is it as good as its predecessor? Well not exactly.

The new version is more modern and has many advantages like a 2,4" main screen, 16 MB of internal storage which can be increased by using a micro SD card up to 32 GB. It has one 2 Mpx camera, mp3 player and a radio. Nice addition is the famous snake game which looks a lot better. It all sounds great, but is it something that we really need?

It looks like a great device for all collectors, but not a typical user. The battery is said to last up to 22 hours, which is nothing compared to the previous model. It also isn't as resistant to any falls or accidents.

The price is very good so if you need a cool toy from your childhood you might consider buying this device. If you are looking for a good smartphone, look somewhere else.

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