Hi All,
I am trying to upgrade firmware in two of my Nokia Car Kits and it seems it is almost impossible these days. During 2016 all of the Nokia servers went down and now the Nokia Car Kit Software Updater (NCKU) is unable to contact them to receive firmware files. Here is what I have already tried:

1) Obtaining the firmware files for Car Kits:
- Nokia servers where NCKU connects to obtain firmware files are down
- Nokia Firmware Suite does not have the firmware for Car Kits in repository
- You can obtain “some” of the files occasionally on the file hosting servers but definitely not all of them (for instance language specific firmware files are almost impossible to be found on the internet)

2) Upgrading the firmware
- NCKU won’t accept the firmware from My Documents\Nokia Firmware folder (same problem as described here: /vbb/f139/nokia-ck-300-upgrade-2118036/#post13100096)
- Phoenix – won’t connect with the Car Kits at all
- Nokia Care Suite - won’t connect
- Care Suite For Store - won’t connect

So the main question: How to update firmware in Nokia Car Kits these days? How to obtain all of the firmware files?


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