New update for Nokia IMEI checker now you will get more IMEI info then before

Update is for Nokia old models and for new HMD models

IMEI	3585530806xxxxx
IMEI2	35855308060xxxx
Product type	TA-1004
Product name	Nokia 8
Product code	22NB1S28902
Sales package code	12NB1S21A01
Software version	NB1-309A-0-00WW-B01
Ship to country	IN
Ship to customer	104699S03
Sold to country	IN
Sold to customer	104699
Shipment date	2018-03-05 14:00:24.5343607 +00:00
Activation country	IN
Activation date	03/19/2018 15:40:39
Is simlocked	N
Care service Available	NO
Don't wait check IMEI for any phone now !!!


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