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    The Nokia 7.2 has an important role in HMD Globalís portfolio. It sits at that crucial transition from entry-level to mid-range hardware. This is a price-conscious segment, but also one where users start paying more attention to features like design and performance.

    With the recent spate of launches, buyers now have ample options available. In India, this includes the absolute latest Redmi Note 8 Pro, as well as solid options like the Realme XT and Realme 5 Pro. In global markets, the Nokia 7.2 faces stiff competition from the Pixel 3a series, which has a series focus on imaging capabilities. Then there are phones like the Samsung Galaxy A50 that bring a large battery, a gorgeous AMOLED display, and plenty good cameras.

    With most phones in this class now providing higher-quality cameras, top-notch displays, and fast processors, it becomes increasingly hard for HMD Global to justify its price tag despite the promise of long term updates.

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    I use the 7.2 for a few weeks now, and the performance is impressive. Of course, it uses the SD660, but it is a SoC strong, great on battery, and coupled to Android origin, it travels in a normal daily use.

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